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Your reliable partner. 10 years in Wholesale market
PostPosted: Wed Mar 25, 2015 11:36 am 
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If you are considering going into the VoIP business, and becoming a VoIP provider yourself, you need first to find a good wholesale VoIP provider.

There is no need to be statistics expert to see that VoIP businesses continue to spread all over the world and the trend will not slowdown in this year too. In fact the rates of the expansion of the VoIP providers and services they offer will go on, which in turn brings about fierce competition to gain the attraction of potential clients.

Because of such popularity and the levels of income VoIP generates, there are many already distinguished wholesale VoIP and SIP termination providers in the market currently. And all announce with confidence that they are the best, and the rest are crap. So, how to select the correct one specifically for your business type? The thing gets hard since the VoIP is not something physical you see, it is not a TV set or a car, which you can examine from different angles, ask the seller many provocative questions, touch the product itself, shake it or move it to see if something falls from it or do anything to find a visible and apparent fault.

Thus, because we deal with a virtual world as to the VoIP, it is not uncommon to choose the wrong VoIP provider and thus lose time and energy, or may be to get disappointed of the whole thing altogether and quit.

To make your research easy and to help you find the right wholesale VoIP and VoIP SIP trunk provider, we have compiled some suggestion as to how to choose the correct wholesale VoIP provider:

1. Visit the provider’s official website. This is the first step and it will give the first impression as to the quality of the provider. Examine the services it provides and their rates, find any feedback from the users, and try to find how many clients they have.

2. Find out what is their VoIP platform. It should ideally be built on such known carrier-grade platforms as Broadsoft, Genband, Mitel, Cisco HCS.

3. Ask the VoIP seller if it uses public Internet to send its traffic, or whether it has access to a private pathway, because there will be less disruptions in case of the latter.

4. The issue of the codec used for voice traffic. Now this can be complicating for its purely technical nature. Of course if you have a genius mind or want to study codec for life, you can go into that for it may greatly repay in return. But if not of if you are in a hurry, just remember for now that G711 codec is better than G729. The first one appears to be uncompressed and thus provides better quality, but need bigger bandwidth.

5. Asking for a test of the sound and network quality before the purchase and making sure there is a reliable and 24/7 customer support. Make a test call to the support to get a feeling of how it will be in the future.

With all this, it is up to you and your taste to choose between wholesale VoIP providers, but we would suggest Voicetrader LLC, a leading wholesale VoIP termination provider, which corresponds to the above-mentioned suggestions we made. With Voicetrader you will get cheap and steady VoIP termination package with sympathetic customer support.

Your reliable partner. 10 years in Wholesale market
PostPosted: Tue Oct 03, 2017 8:40 am 

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Thanks for the detailed and valuable advice! Sure it will be helpful for the businesses.

Seizing the occasion, I'd like to welcome you to VoIPlatinum Wholesale VoIP Platform - for quick access to international routes for voice termination.

Voiplatinum operates its own reliable network based in certified data centers in Europe (Frankfurt) and covered by ISP backbone, such as DE-CIX, KleyRex, Level 3, TeliaSonera.

The main switches are equipped with load sharing system to increase the resiliency of the network and to ensure the best voice quality delivered.

Currently, Voiplatinum’s network supports over 5000 concurrent calls. At the same time using the easily scalable system, we are able to increase the capacity in 2-3 times within the very short period of time. Voiplatinum’s VoIP network supports such standard features, as H323/SIP (preferred) protocol, all main codecs (729/711/723), DTMF, Fax and also more advanced options, like all kind of secured connections via VPN and more. The TDM connection can be established via global peering networks.

Rates on wholesale VoIP termination are available after registration and approval of your customer's account.
You are welcome -

Welcome to VoIplatinum VoIP Portal >>

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